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Hello my name is Mandy Slayton and I am the Higgins school nurse. I love being able to provide support and care to each student that I serve here. If there is anything I can help you with regarding your child's health please reach out to me. I am looking forward to a fantastic school year!

Mandy Slayton, BSN, RN


PH: (903)839.5580 Ext. 2550

Fax: (903) 839-5584



Below are many of the health policies and forms for the district. More information can be found on the district website under health services. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions.



If your child has a known life threatening allergy and may require the use of an Epi-Pen, please provide us with a physician signed life threatening allergy action plan along with any necessary medications.

Life Threatening allergy Plan.pdf

Whitehouse Food Allergy Dietary Accomodation Form.pdf



If your child has been diagnosed with asthma and will require the use of an inhaler at school, please provide us with a physcian signed asthma action plan along with any necessary medications. 

WISD Asthma_Action_Plan.pdf


Head lice 

Pediculosis (head lice) can happen to anyone regardless of age, ethnicity, or sex. Pediculosis affects between 6-12 million people in the United States each year, and is the most common childhood affliction following the common cold. Unlike the cold virus, however, pediculosis is a social issue, and not a health problem. Pediculosis is more prevalent among children than adolescents and adults, probably because children are naturally affectionate and have head to head contact through play and other activities. Children are more likely to share personal items such as caps, helmets, combs, brushes, etc. They forget that in sharing these items, they may also be sharing head lice. Pediculosis, therefore, is a common nuisance that parents may find themselves dealing with during their children’s early school years. Based on recommendations by the Texas Department of Health, the Whitehouse ISD nursing department will only perform head checks on an as needed basis and in private. Students with live lice will be sent home and may return as soon as appropriate treatment is completed. The parent must bring the student by the nurse’s office for an examination prior to readmission. Your nurse is able to provide you with information regarding treatment and control of pediculosis. Parents are encouraged to periodically check their student for nits, which would indicate the presence of an adult, egg-laying louse.

Managing lice tip sheet.pdf


Illness Policy

Please click the link to review the 23-24’ updated illness policy.

Illness Policy 2023_2024 Final.pdf


Please click the link below to view the State of Texas immunization requirements for students K-12. More information regarding vaccine requirements can be found on the Texas Health & Human Services website at 

Vaccine requirements.pdf



If possible, parents are advised to give medication at home on a schedule other than during school hours. If it is necessary that a medication be given during school hours, the following regulations must be followed:


  1. Antibiotics or other medicines ordered to be given three times per day should be given before and after school and at bedtime.
  2. Medications must be brought to school by a parent/guardian in its original container with the appropriate label intact. Controlled medicines will be counted with the nurse.
  3. Parent/guardian must sign a permission slip granting the school nurse/principal designee permission to administer medication according to regulations.
  4. It is the responsibility of the student to report to the designated area to take his/her medicine.




Ask your pharmacist for an extra bottle to be kept at school when you are bringing prescription medicine. Over the counter medicine must be brought in its original, sealed container. All unused medicine will be destroyed if not picked up by the parent by the last day of school.

Medication Administration Request.pdf

Medications - No Tolerance Policy.pdf



If your child has a history of seizures or a known seizure disorder, please provide the physician signed seizure action plan along with any rescue medications. 

Seizure action plan.pdf


Other Resources

Below is a link to other East Texas resources for a variety of health related reasons including mental health, dental, primary care, clothing, food, etc. 

East Texas Resources